Every modern company is obliged to clearly define, sort and gradate their objectives, by evaluating them based on their importance, having fully understood the business environment within which it is operating and precisely defined its position therein.

Meanwhile, it seeks new opportunities that will make it completely competitive in a constantly changing environment.



IAS’s experienced partners and personnel assess the needs of modern companies and offer suggestions and solutions for higher quality of information management and for company planning according to:


  • The alternatives deriving from the evaluation of the company’s activities (legal form, transformation process suggestion etc.), aiming to update the corporate image (towards investors, banks, customers, suppliers etc.).
  • The selection of appropriate company structures, after defining the company goals, for the implementation of which IAS fully supports any restructuring, merger, division, dissolution, acquisition and liquidation.
  • The economic growth, as a result of the defined company planning implementation.
  • The most advantageous tax management for companies and individuals.



For these reasons, IAS supports the suggested solutions by developing special projects, such as:


  • Business plan devising and monitoring.
  • Budgeting.
  • Company valuation concerning investment opportunities.
  • Financial and tax due diligence.
  • Sustainability audit, result maximization through commercial policy improvement and cost reduction (operating & admin costs).