International Advisory Services S.A. (IAS) is a consulting company which responsibly plans and provides high quality services, tailored to the specific needs of each customer. In particular, it operates in the field of Financial, Tax, Accounting and Consulting Services, aiming to comprehensively support modern companies and organizations.


IAS was established in 2016. Staffed with experienced partners and personnel with many years of experience and specialized knowledge, who operate solely focusing on safety, responsibility and effectiveness. These aims achieved thanks to the high scientific expertise of the personnel and constitutes the company’s comparative advantage.


Our philosophy is customer-oriented and emphasizes on our principles which can be summarized in the Quality – Effectiveness – Business Ethics threefold. We provide our customers with a competitive advantage, ensuring integrated services in the shortest time at an absolutely reasonable cost.


IAS relies upon the highest training of its partners and personnel and develops long-term trust relationships with its customers, being an ideal partner, since it does not only and simply diagnose the problems, companies face nowadays, but also makes plans to help each company adjust to a demanding and constantly changing business environment, and it safely implements the suggested solutions. In this process, IAS proves on a daily basis the “POWER THROUGH KNOWLEDGE” moto, both for itself and for its customers.


Emphasizing on preventing potential adverse situations and on dealing with the business challenges companies face today, we are by their side to offer all they need concerning their targeting and performance, in order to improve and retain a comparative advantage against the competitors.



To compose IAS’s visual communication, we wanted to create a modern, trustworthy and confident identity that would reflect the high level of experience and services of our partners and personnel. For our logo, we chose to refer to the connection created between IAS and the customer. Our objective was to visualize the steps IAS follows in order to optimize the customer’s financial interests. The symbols that inspired us were the financial charts representing our customers, IAS’s initials representing its field of action, and the interaction and connection thereof.

Logo designed by PecoraNera