Power in scientific field comes through knowledge.
IAS’s partners and personnel receive continuous and constant training therefore they are able to successfully address the challenges of their profession, providing high quality services to our customers.
This is an incessant effort, so that IAS’s partners and personnel are skillful and fully qualified.


IAS’s Accounting Services Department staffed with skilled and long experienced partners and personnel, in organizing and comprehensively supporting the accounting department of any kind of business. The objective is the lawful, timely and qualitative representation of the business’s operation through financial reporting, which constitutes an essential tool for every modern business.


IAS’s experienced partners and personnel ensure confidentiality and provide correct and timely any business payroll compilation.


IAS’s Tax Services Department utilizes the enormous experience of its partners and personnel and provides very high-level tax services in all levels of tax support for any kind of businesses, type of companies and individuals. The domestic and multinational companies operating in Greece, and the companies extending their business activities, have to comply with the tax laws and regulations, in order to minimize tax risks.


Companies of all legal forms operating in Greece are obliged to compile and submit a Documentation File for any transaction (purchases, sales, reception and provision of services, royalties etc.) with affiliated companies under specific conditions. In the context of the aforementioned obligation of companies, the Ministry of Finance has been staffed with excellently trained personnel and performs strict and comprehensive audits.


Nowadays, businesses’ management teams need to receive and manage (handle) all necessary information regarding their financial data monitoring very fast. Having at their disposal, qualitative analysis provided to them by IAS’s partners and personnel, they can safely plan their actions. Management reporting is an indispensable tool for every company’s managerial team, which helps them take the necessary decisions and plan for the future.


Every modern company is obliged to clearly define, sort and gradate their objectives, by evaluating them based on their importance, having fully understood the business environment within which it is operating and precisely defined its position therein.


Due to the economic globalization, many extrovert domestic companies need to expand their activities outside Greek borders. IAS’s partners and personnel have many years of experience and deep knowledge of the tax requirements in the countries inside European Economic Area and provide a wide range of services in such countries.