IAS’s Tax Services Department utilizes the enormous experience of its partners and personnel and provides very high-level tax services in all levels of tax support for any kind of businesses, type of companies and individuals. The domestic and multinational companies operating in Greece, and the companies extending their business activities, have to comply with the tax laws and regulations, in order to minimize tax risks.


Our company’s specialized partners and personnel support areas, such as:




  • Ensuring the correct obsenance of bookkeeping and accounting data issuance.
  • Contract compilation or overview.
  • Tax burden optimization (expense productivity etc.)
  • Audit and monitoring of correct tax imputation.
  • Tax issues resolution in KEFOMEP (Audit Authority for Very Wealthy Taxpayers), KEMEEP (Audit Authority for Large Enterprises), Tax offices etc., for which a tax consultant is required to be present.
  • Individuals special tax issues.
  • Undertaking of income tax, VAT etc. refund processes.
  • Preparation, handling and dealing with tax audits.
  • Support during any kind of tax audit provided to both companies and individuals.
  • Use of tax incentives provided by development laws.
  • Settlements and administrative appeals.




  • Timely identification of tax problems and suggestions for solving.
  • Tax advice and opinions according to any kind of business activities.
  • Future tax burden estimation.
  • Tax due diligence.
  • Foreign resident tax support.
  • Consulting services concerning individual’s property protection, for the documentation of the acquisition process thereof (asset and funds-source declaration).